Active Projects

The Lize Project

The Lize Financial Business District, located in southwest Beijing, is the biggest project in Beijing since the 2008 Olympics, covering 4.36 square kilometers. The planning is for a total construction area of 5.4 million square meters and is the last major developable area in Beijing that is within the 3rd Ring Road.

Once completed, Lize will be occupied by:

  • >> Financial business headquarters in banking, insurance and securities
  • >> Emerging financial institutions like venture capital investment funds and private equity funds
  • >> Various financial markets including exchanges and future financial markets and various types of financial investment institutions
  • >> Numerous government buildings
  • >> Headquarters of large domestic and overseas enterprises


The Lize Project’s District Cooling system is expected to serve is 5.4 million square meters of building space. The expected total cooling load is about 394 MWTHERMAL which is a peak cooling capability of about 112,000RT.

District Cooling: The Smart Solution

As one of the first pilot areas for Smart City development in China, Lize is targeting to realize 100% energy supplied by clean energy sources. District Cooling is the best solution to achieve high-density cooling requirements for high-end customers considering the numerous skyscrapers that will be built and the limited land for utilities and pipelines.

After its completion, the Lize Project will be one of the largest district cooling projects in the world and the showcase of advanced district energy in China.

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